New feature release - (Data Reports, Improved file import, BugFixs ...)

New feature release - (Data Reports, Improved file import, BugFixs ...)

Check out all the latest product updates in Boostmyshop myPricing (V3.1.1)

1/ Generate and download reports on your products and competitors

You can now generate reports directly from your interface. These reports can be downloaded for processing in your data processing or business intelligence tool.

You can easily generate 3 types of reports: 

- Catalogue data report : Your catalogue product data, your extended product data, your price bounds and your optimized price
- Repricing data report : Your price bounds, your optimized price and the positioning of your best competitor
- Positioning report : Your product and its positioning against your best competitor
- Complete competition report : Your offer and the whole competitive context. All the competing offers to your products are in this report.

2/ Extended data import options

Import via file import, URL and FTP is now compatible with all file types. You can generate a sample file from our wizard or integrate a file you already have. Files without column headers are now also supported without problems.

Coming next : 

- Repricing performance informations (Kpis)
- Sales order performance (Sales/Profit)
- Multi Channels repricing in your account
- Repricing performance configuration

See you soon for the next release !