New features released - (Shop health, Product informations, Pricing tracking, Positioning widget, italian version ...)

New features released - (Shop health, Product informations, Pricing tracking, Positioning widget, italian version ...)

Check out all the latest product updates in Boostmyshop myPricing (V0.3)

1/ Keep an eye on the health of your Shop

Keeping up to date with your shop's information is essential to keep track of your shop's health. Thanks to our new tracking module, you can check :
- The opening status of your shop
- The configuration of your shop
- Your performance indicators (order approval rate, order approval time, shop customer rating)
- Your shop's BuyBox eligibility status (premium or non-premium shop)

2/ Product information panel

Find all your centralised product information in a new drawer. 
This pane will show the following sections:
- Catalogue product information
- Performance trophy status
- Positioning of your award in your competitive environment in the context of your strategy
- Graph of your latest price change history (increase and decrease)
- Complete listing of competitors and their information (price, valuation, shipping method ...)
- Graph of your price evolution against the best price on the market

3/ Monitoring the evolution of your product repricing

Our new price tracker widget allows you to easily view upward or downward price changes on a specific product.

4/ Analyse and monitor your positioning

In our new component, you will be able to quickly visualise your positioning and that of your competitors with their key indicators (price, shipping time, country of shipment, direct shipment or by marketplace...). You will also have at your disposal a graph showing the evolution of your price compared to the best price on your market.

5/ Detect anomalies in the updating of your prices on your platform

In order to offer an optimized price on your shop, several steps are necessary: 
1/ Calculation of the optimized price by myPricing
2/ Sending this optimized price to your shop

In order to alert you to any anomalies or differences between the optimized price and the price actually online on your platform, you can see a red bubble on your product grid.

By opening the product information drawer, we will give you more information about the status of your product and allow you to take the necessary action to correct the situation.

6/ Action to reset reference prices from your connected platform

In order to offer you a consistent repricing, when you first connect to your platform, we freeze your current online price in our database. We will then apply your strategy on the basis of this reference price, which remains fixed.
In order to allow you to reset these reference prices, an option has been added in your configuration module. This action will result in : 
- Deletion of all your reference prices
- Importing the prices currently online to save them as reference prices
- Optimisation of your prices on the new imported reference prices

7/ Application available in Italian

myPricing is now available in Italian. Documentation content is currently only available in English and French.

Flag of Italy - Wikipedia

 Coming soon ...

A major version of the application will be rolled out in April. This version will bring important functionalities to allow you to go even further in your monitoring and repricing.
- Margin-driven strategy
- Product by product definition of your strategy
- Import of external files in order to provide extended product data
- Import of external files to define your strategy product by product