Customer Side

Customer Side

3. Customer Side

You can enable the RMA features in customer account using :

  • Stores > Configuration > BoostMyShop > Rma > Front > Enable

To allow customers to request a new RMA, enable also option “Enable request”

Once it’s done, customer can see a new “My Returns” tab in frontend of customer section.

From this tab, he can consult returns history and get details.

Return view

  • Customer can send you a message using the textbox at the bottom : When a new message is sent, admin is automatically notified by email.
  • Customer can print the return form (only if the RMA status is “accepted”)

New request

From the returns tab, customer can ask a new return using the “Request for a return” button.

The next step is to select the order to return : you can control what orders are visible here configuring the allowed statuses in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > rma > front > Allowed order statuses

Once the order is selected, customer can select quantity to return for each products, but also the reason, request and additional comments : you can configure the available reasons & requests in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > rma > General.

Once the request is submitted, it creates a new RMA with status “Requested”, and an email notification is sent to admin (the admin email address is configurable in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > rma > admin notification)

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