4. Checkout

The POS interface is available via menu sales > Point Of Sales > Checkout.

You are directly redirected to the screen to place a new order

User and store switcher

POS supports Magento multiple store and users : when you create a new order, it will use the current store and user.

To switch to a different store or user, use the button at the top of the screen (click on the user name / store name).

When the order is created, the selected user is stored in the order. You can retrieve the user that created an order from the “Sales menu” on the left.

Select customer mode

POS orders support 3 different modes :

  • Guest: you don’t need to enter any customer details to create the order. In this case, the system will use the settings configured in sales > point of sales > configuration > Guest customer to create the new order and fill customer details.
  • Existing customer : choose an existing customer from Magento database.
  • New customer : create a new customer entering customer name, email address and group.

To select a mode, click on the customer button a the bottom : a popup opens where you can select the customer mode.

Whatever method you use, you can enter or edit the customer address and details in the first tab of the popup “Customer details”.

Once you have configured the customer settings, click on the “Done” button to apply.

Add and edit products

Add product to the Checkout screen

You have 3 different possibilities to add products to POS checkout screen :

Using the search function

Click on the magnifier logo in the top right corner, to open the “Search products” pop-up.

It will allow you to search products by Name, SKU or by barcode (depending the barcode attribute configured in the module configuration).

Once results are displayed, click on any product to add it to the current quote.

Using the shortcuts pop-up

Click on the “Shortcuts” button at the bottom of the Checkout screen to open the “Shortcuts” pop-up.

To add a product to the Shortcuts list take a look at your products attributes, you should find a “POS shortcut” one that will add product to the Shortcuts list if set to “Yes”.

You can set it to “Yes” for a single product at a time from the Magento product view, or for multiple ones using the “Update attributes” mass action from the Products > Catalog grid.

Using a barcode scanner

Once the barcode attribute has been configured from Stores > Configuration > Point of Sales > General > Barcode attribute, you will be able to add any product directly from the POS Checkout screen, simply scanning its barcode with your barcode reader.

If the barcode scanned is not recognized, a warning message will de displayed.

Edit product details

When a product has been added to the cart, you can then edit it clicking on it.

In this new popup, you will be able to update its quantity and also its unit price.

CLick on the “Done” button to apply changes made.

Chose shipping method

POS orders support any magento shipping method : you can then use a regular shipping method (for instance UPS or FEDEX) when you create an order to handle store to web orders.

POS extension adds a new shipping method in Magento : Store Pickup. You can customize this method title in stores > configuration > sales > shipping method > Store pickup.

You can define the default shipping method for POS orders in sales > Point Of Sales > Configuration > Checkout > Default shipping method.

If you want to change the shipping method in POS, click on the “Shipping method” button at the bottom (the first one) : a new popup opens, then select the desired method.

Set payment details and create order

To complete the order, click on the “Pay” button at the bottom right corner : it displays the final popup where you can enter the discount code, payment details and finish the order.

If you have a discount to apply to the order total amount, the only way to do it in POS is to use a Magento coupon code.

To use a couypon code, please fill it in the “Coupon code” text box and click on button “Apply”.

If the coupon code is valid, the order total will be updated accordingly.

Currently, POS supports every offline payment method in Magento.

The list of all available payment methods in this screen is so the one of all enabled offline payment methods in Magento.

Also, POS introduces an additional payment method named Multiple Payment.

This method allows to fill several payment records for a single order.

By this way, you will be able to create for example an order with $100 paid by check, and $50 paid by cash, for an order total of $150.

To use this payment method, fill all payment details in the differents multiple payment fields, and click on the “Create order” button.

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