5. FAQ

Error : A text must be provided to barcode before drawing

This error means that our extension is not able to retrieve a barcode number for the current product, 2 possible reasons :

  • You have not configured the barcode attribute in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > barcode label
  • The barcode attribute for this product is empty

The barcode is displaying out of the preview image whatever are the settings set

Becarefull, for the “Barcode” and the “Image” case, you need to put 2 cordinate in the “size”.

  • Working example for Barcode or Image :
  • Sticker dimension : Height : 3 - Width : 5
  • Barcode Position : 0.2,1.5 (x, y of start)
  • Barcode Size : 2.6,2 (Height and Width from the upper coordinates)

Change the font used on labels

You can change the font applied on all labels generated by the Barcode label extension.

To do it, download a font TTF file from Google and upload it into folder : app/code/BoostMyShop/BarcodeLabel/Fonts/

Then, rename the existing police file (LinLibertineC_Re-2.8.0.ttf) into someting else (for example : ” LinLibertineC_Re-2.8.0.ttf .old “).

Finally, rename your newly uploaded font TTF file into ” LinLibertineC_Re-2.8.0.ttf “.

The new font should now correctly be used by the extension.

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