Supplier Payments

Supplier Payments

6. Supplier Payments

Supplier Invoices

The grid is available at Embedded ERP - Suppliers Management - Supplier Invoices and list all supplier invoices.

Create an invoice

When you are on the “Supplier Invoices” grid, click on the “Add New Invoice” button.

Associate a purchase order

You can associate as many purchase orders as you want with a supplier invoice.

You just need to select the PO in the drop-down list, then fill the total to invoice and click on “Associate”

The PO is then associated with the “Related Orders” section, and the supplier invoice amount is updated.

Add a payment

When you receive a payment from your supplier, you can enter it in the “Payments” tab to update your invoice status.

Supplier Payments

The grid is available at Embedded ERP - Suppliers Management - Supplier Payments and list all payments from the supplier invoices.

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