7. Manifest

This article explains how to generate shipping manifest PDF.

They will be mainly used to list parcels to give to the carrier pickup truck.


To create a new manifest, go into menu Order preparation > Manifest and click on the Create new manifest button.

Then, select the shipping method the manifest must be associated to in the “Carrier” drop-down, a warehouse and a date limit, and finally click on the Search shipment button.


The “Carrier” drop-down will only display shipping methods already associated to shipping label template(s) created.

More information in the Shipping labels documentation.

All shipments matching to the conditions you have selected wil be displayed.

Untick all shipments you dont want to include in the manifest created and then click on the Create button.

A new manifest will be created, containing all selected shipments.


To print a manifest, go into menu Order preparation > Manifest and find the manifest to print.

Then, simply click on Print button.


You can add a custom text to the manifest PDF file, in the header.

To do it, go into menu Order preparation > Shipping label templates and select the shipping label template matching the manifest for which you want to modify the header.

Finally, enter any custom text in the free text area, it will be added to the header of the manifest associated to this template.