Advanced bin location management

Advanced bin location management


This article explains how to switch to the advanced bin location management in Boostmyshop myFulfillment.

This feature provides several improvements:
  1. Create bin locations directory(can be done manually or in mass)
  2. Print bin location barcode label
  3. Assign location to product from the location directory
  4. Easily identify empty / occupied locations

Enable the feature

To enable the feature, click on the "settings" icon in the top right corner, then select tab "Inventory" and enable option "Enable advanced bin location":

If you have already filled bin location to products using the "old" system (ie: texbox), you must migrate the existing locations to the new system. TO do, it, click on the button "Migrate" above the "Enabled advanced bin location" once you have enabled the feature and saved.

Bin location directory

To manage bin locations, select menu inventory > bulk editor, and click on button "Manage bin locations" in the bottom right corner.

Next screen show the list of the bin locations, from here you can:
  1. Edit an existing location (clicking on the row)
  2. Search for existing location using filters
  3. Manually create a new location
  4. Bulk create locations

From the location edit page, you can manage several information:

  1. Location code: this is the complete code for the location, which is ususaly composed with aisle / rack / shelf
  2. Area (optional): area in the warehouse
  3. Aisle (optional): aisle for the location
  4. Rack (optional): rack for the location
  5. Shelf (optional): shelf for the location
  6. Products count: number of unit stored in the location
  7. Is empty: define if the location is empty or not

In the "products" tab, you can see the details of the products in the location:

Bulk location generation

If you wish to create several locations at once, click on button "Generate locations" from the main bin location screen.

The next screen will help you to generate the locations filling the min and max values for area / aisles/ racks / shelves.

Each locations created will have the pattern {area}-{aisle}-{rack}-{shelf]
In the example above, the system will create bin locations using the information filled:
  1. A-01-A-01
  2. A-01-A-02
  3. A-01-A-03
  4. A-01-A-04
  5. A-01-B-01
  6. A-01-B-02
  7. ...


Once the feature is enabled, the field to fill a location for a product will change from a textbox:

To a button where you can pick the location:

Clicking on the button, a popup opens where you can pick the location using dropdown menus:

Bin location label

With the advanced bin location, you can also print a label for the location:

The label show the location code and the barcode encoded from location code also.

To print the location label, 2 options:
  1. From the location edit page, click on "Print label" button
  2. From the location grid, use mass action to print several labels at once:

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