Alias products

Alias products


Alias products are used to sell the same sku under multiple references on the website.

For instance, you may have a master product "Keyboard" which is compatible with PC, Mac and android phones.

For SEO and marketing improvements, you may want to sell this generic product on your website under several references : 

  1. Generic keyboard (master product)
  2. Mac keyboard (alias product)
  3. PC keyboard (alias product)
  4. Android Keyboard (alias product)
In this example, "Generic keyboard" is the "Master" product and the other ones are "Aliases".

When you sell an Alias, you will actually ship the master product.

Connect allows to define aliases for a product and will concentrate inventory management and shipments at the master product level.

Manage aliases

To setup aliases for a master product, go in menu Products, click on the product an select tab "Aliases" : 

From here, you can : 
  1. Consult the list of aliases for the current product
  2. Add an alias using the "Add alias" section : type the name / sku of aliases and click on them
  3. Remove an alias

When a product is added as an alias, the product type is converted to Alias : 

To remove an alias, tick checkbox "Delete" and save (the alias product will be converted to a simple product) : 

Inventory management

Once a product is converted to an alias, you can not manage inventory on this product : 
  1. You can not manage stock movements
  2. You can not edit stocks in the mass stock editor
  3. You can not use this product in a purchase order
  4. You can not use this product in stock transfer OR stock take

When a product becomes an alias, his stock details are mapped to the master product. Then, every time you will change stock levels on the master product, aliases will be also impacted by the changes.

Aliases in sales order

When a new order comes with an alias product, the alias product is replaced with the master product.

The sku in the order is replaced with the master sku, however the alias product name remains : 

Original order placed with the Alias : 

Once imported in Connect, the product is replaced with the master product (however the product name remains the same) : 

Then, when you will dispatch this order, this is the master product that will be used and its stock decreased.

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