3. Configuration

POS configuration


These settings will define the global rules of POS.

Barcode attributeProducts barcode attribute
Disable soundsDisable sound when a product is added to POS checkout screen
Authorize the sale of out of stock productsAllow to add out of stock products to POS checkout screen
Filter salesIn POS Sales tab, display only sales of the store currently used in POS
Search modeDefines the way search from products search pop-up will be triggered

Cash drawer

These settings are related to the cash drawer opening pop-up that will help you to define which amount is in the cash drawer of your shop at the beginning of each working day.

Enable openingDisplay a pop-up to setup cash drawer opening value at the first time POS is opened every day
MethodPayment method used for cash drawer openeing value


These settings will defined the global workflow of POS checkout screen.

Default Shipping MethodDefault shipping method selected in POS. We recommand to select Store Pickup
Default Payment MethodDefault payment method selected in POS. We recommand to select Multiple Payment
Automatically download receiptDownload order receipt automatically once an order has been completed through POS
Enable customer notificationSend an email to customer once an order has been completed through POS. This option requires Magento running in production mode
Email identityEmail identity used for customer notification emails
Email TemplateEmail template used for customer notification emails

Guest customer

There you can define guest customer data, that will default customer data used when orders are created without customer selection.

GroupGuest customer group
First nameGuest customer first name
Last nameGuest customer last name
EmailGuest customer email address
StreetGuest customer street adress
CityGuest customer city
CountryGuest customer country
Region/StateGuest customer region/sate
PostcodeGuest customer postcode
TelephoneGuest customer phone number

Receipt configuration

There you can setup basic information about receipts generated by POS once orders are created.

WidthReceipt width (in cm)
Header textText displayed in receipt header
Footer textText displayed in receipt footer
LogoLogo displayed on receipt


This option should only be used if BoostMyShop support requests it through support tickets.

Flush current user settingsFlush all POS settings from Magento registry

Multiple Payment configuration

Multiple payment is a payment method part of POS extension, that will allow you to affect different payment methods to a single order, created through POS.

Multiple Payment settings are available from menu Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods > POS Multiple Payment :

EnabledDefines if Multiple Payment method is enabled
TitleMultiple Payment method title, displayed through Magento backend
New Order StatusNew order status affected to order created with this payment method
Sort orderPayment method sort order
MethodsPayment methods available when Multiple Payment is affected to an order
Method to use for change givenPayment method used for the change when payment amount exceed order total


Method used for cash : Before being able to configure this, save previous changes clicking on Save.

Use example : When you create an order using Multiple Payment method, payment records total exceed order total : order total is 78$, customer gives you a 100$ bill. In this case, POS will create an additionnal record of -22$ to handle the changeusing the Method to use for change given payment method.

Methods : In this field, you have to separate all payment methods by a coma.

For example : cash,check,credit card,bank transfer

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