Assign lot & serial numbers to stock movements

Assign lot & serial numbers to stock movements

Please read the "Concepts" article above to better understand the differences between serial and batch sources stock level management.

New stock movement section

The first way to change sources stock level is to manually create a stock movement from the page of the product it's associated to.
No stock movement creation will be possible on all products having a traceability mode assigned, if no sources have previously been associated to it.
In the page of a product having a traceability mode assigned, in the Overview tab > New Stock Movement section, a new row has been added to help associate a source to the stock movement before creating it.

On serial products, the "Qty" field will be disabled as their stock movement qty must always be "1" (which is the maximum stock level for all serial sources).
The process to create a new stock movement on products having a traceability mode assigned will be :
  1. Set the stock movement direction setting the From and To fields
  2. Select the source to assign to the stock movement clicking on "Assign". This will display the "Assign source to stock movement" pop-up (more explainations on this pop-up below)
  3. Set the stock movement qty if the product tracking mode is "Batch" (It will always be 1 for serial products, see Concepts section below)
  4. Click on Save at the top-right corner to create the stock movement

Source assignment pop-up

If you click on the "Assign button" in the "New stock movement" form, a new pop-up will be displayed in order to select which source should be associated to the stock movement :

The pop-up display will change slightly depending of :
  1. The source tracking mode affected to the product
  2. The stock movement direction (ingoing or outgoing one)
This pop-up contains 2 different sections :
  1. New source creation form
  2. Existing sources grid
The first section will provide a quick way to create a new source to associate to the product, before creating an ingoing stock movement that will increment the new created source qty.
The second section will help to quickly select an existing source to assign it to the stock movement created.
  1. In the case of outgoing stock movements, sources displayed will be the ones for which you can decrement stock, from the "From" warehouse.
  2. In the case of ingoing stock movements, sources displayed will be the ones for which you can increment stock, from the "To" warehouse.
Once you have created a new source or selected a existing one from the source assignment pop-up, the source selected will be displayed in the "New stock movement" form :

If once the source have been selected and so the pop-up closed, the From or To values of the "New Stock movement" form are changed, any source selection made before will be reset and have to be done again.
As said in the "Concepts" section, no "Transfer" stock movement will be possible between 2 different warehouses.
They will still be mangeable by decrementing the stock of the first warehouse and then incrementing the one of the second one.

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