Assign lot & serial numbers to shipped items

Assign lot & serial numbers to shipped items

Order preparation packing step

The third way to change sources stock level will be through the "Packing" step of Order Preparation.

For each order to ship containing some products having a traceability mode, you will have to define at the end of the Packing step which sources will be associated to stock movements created once the order is shipped.
It will be done through a new pop-up appearing when you click on "Commit packing".
This pop-up will only appear if at least one product with a source traceability mode assigned is packed.

Sources assignement popup

The pop-up helping to associate sources to shipped items will look like this :

All the products packed having a traceability mode assigned will be displayed inside.

The "Qty packed" column display how many quantity have been packed for the product.
The last column of the table displayed in this pop-up will be the one where you will be able to define which sources stock level should be decremented once the item is shipped.
This column contains at first a row with a drop-down listing all sources for the product, a "Qty to assign" textbox and a "+" button.

Here is the way to use these fields :
  1. "Sources available" drop-down : Here you can select any of the sources associated to the product (having at least one quantity)
  2. "Qty to assign" textbox : Here you can select how many quantity of the source previously selected should be decremented by the shipment creation.
  3. "+" button : This button adds a new row containing a "Sources available" drop-down and a "Qty to assign" textbox, allowing you to split the quantity to ship between different sources.
Once all sources have been defined for all products displayed in the pop-up, you can click on "Confirm" at the bottom-right corner of the pop-up to validate the Packing step.

Once you select a source in any "Sources available" drop-down for a product, this source will not be displayed in the others "Sources available" drop-downs to prevent using twice the same source.
All the quantity packed have to be assigned to source through the pop-up, else the Packing step will not be validable.

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