Batch orders in Order preparation

Batch orders in Order preparation


This article explains how to use the batch option in order preparation.

Enable the feature

You can not enable this feature by yourself, please contact support to enable it

New tabs in order preparation

When the batch feature is enabled, tabs in order preparation are slightly different : 

  1. New batches : this tab contains batches just created and not printed yet
  2. Active batches : batches printed and not complete
  3. All batches : contains all batches

Create a new batch

To create a new batch, 2 options : 
  1. Using mass actions
  2. Using the Batch helper

      Create batch using mass action

To create a new batch, go in tab "In stock", check orders so want to add to the batch and select mass action "Generate batch" : 

The newly created batch is then visible in the "New batches" tab : 

      Create a batch using the batch helper

Another option to create batch is using the "Batch helper" button at the bottom : it opens a popup with combinations of possible batches to create : 

Explanations : 
  1. Each row is a carrier
  2. Each cell (blue link) is the number of orders that match to the batch type / carrier combination
  3. Each column is a type of batch : 
    1. Unique : this is orders with only one product, all having the same product
    2. Single : orders with only one product
    3. Multiple : orders with several produccts
Clicking on a blue link will generate a batch matching the carrier / type : 

Print batch

Once the batch is created, you must print it using the link on the right : 

The PDF Download contains 4 sections : 

  1. Header page
  2. Global pick list
  3. Order pick list
  4. Footer page

Batch details

Clicking on the "view" link for a batch, a popup opens with batch details : 

Process batch orders

To process orders in a batch, click on button "Packing" at the bottom right, and then scan the batch barcode on the first page:  

When the batch is selected, you can scan order barcode to process it (or you can select order from the dropdown menu) : 

Once all orders are shipped, the batch status changes to complete.

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