BoostMyShop Auto print for windows (new version)

BoostMyShop Auto print for windows (new version)


BoostMyShop provides a windows software to automatically print PDF generated by myFulfillment such as shipping label. 

myFulfillment is available through the browser only. When you select a print action in myFulfillment, the PDF is download by the browser.

BoostMyShop  Auto Print will then catch the downloaded file and depending of the file name, send it automatically to the printer without any user action.

Install BoostMyShop Auto Print

Install Foxit reader

Connect auto print requires foxit reader to send the PDF files to the printer.

Go to Foxit Reader downloads page.

Then, you should see Foxit PDF Reader in the downloads list :

Click on Free Download, select your language and click again on Download to get the extension.

Then, simply run the installation file downloaded to install Foxit Reader on your computer.

Install BoostMyShop Auto Print

Once downloaded, run the file to install the application.

Then open AutoPrint to continue.

Note: it is mandatory to configure AutoPrint to run in administrator mode. To configure it, right click on C:\Program files\Boostmyshop\BoostmyshopAutoPrint\ConnectAutoPrint.exe and tick checkbox "Run as administrator"


A first usen click on the Configuration button : 

      Global configuration

The global configuration contains 2 options which should be populated automatically, you should not change it unless they are wrong:
  1. Download directory: this is the directory where downloaded files from the browser are stored
  2. Foxit reader path: this is the path to foxit reader application

      Files configuration

In this section you can configure the files to send to printer automatically:

The first column contains the identifier for a file name. For example, if the ups shipping label file downloaded has name "ups_XXXXX.pdf", you can simply put "ups" in this coluln and select the printer in the second column. Then, any file downloaded containing string "ups" will be automatically sent to the printer.

Once you have done the changes, click on save button to apply the configuration.

      ZPL printer

Autoprint support the printing for both PDF and ZPL printers.

If the files download get the .zpl extension, you must send them to a ZPL printer?

In the list of printer, ZPL printers can be identified as there name starts with [ZPL]:

Note: in the example above, you can see that a first printer "ZDesigner GK420d" is available, however you must use the "[ZPL] XXXX" otherwise the printing will not work.

Test mode

To help you to configure your printer and test the printing, AutoPrint provides a test mode available through the configuration screen:

To test the printer, select a printer in the dropdown, select a sample file and click on the test printer button to print the document.


If you have any issues, you can check the log.txt file in the autoprint fold that is generated after attempting to print a file.

You can provide that in your support ticket to help locate the issue

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