CARL - Description

CARL - Description

CARL - Description

1/ Catalogue import - fields mapping - Catalogue update

a ) Catalogue Import 

For a Carl account, the catalogue import is done through this page by selecting a csv file

  • the first column/field title needs to be sku (do not use capital letter for this field name)

  • the second column/field title needs to be ean if you are monitoring any Google Shopping Channel, Fnac or Ubaldi

  • the fields separator is coma , or semicolon ;

  • save the file to have 'quotation marks' as the text separators

  • Using 'commas' or 'semicolons' in the text or value fields will prevent a file from being imported. For example when adding a price in 'purchase price' do not save it as 15,99 simply save it as 15.99 as the 'full stop' is not use to separate columns.

  • Convert your 'ean' column into a text field before saving the file under a csv format otherwise the value will not be imported.

b) Fields mapping

On this screen, you can do the field mapping to associate your catalogue fields to internal Carl fields (required fields are sku, product title, ean).

You have 10 mapping possibilities. You can associate one  catalogue field to one internal Carl field only.

c) Catalogue update and product listing

To update a catalogue, you just need to import a new csv file. Products that are not listed anymore in the new file will be deleted from Carl.

Use the same fields names between each catalogue import otherwise it will "break the mapping". 

2/ Dashboard

On left side, in the menu , the first section is the Dashboard.

On the left part, a graph shows how many products are associated or not on each channel.

Association is done either by EAN matching for Google, Fnac, Ubaldi or by seller catalogue we integrated via the API access for other channels.

When clicking on the graph on the associated or not associated part for a specific channel, the corresponding products list will be displayed.

3/ Product analyse

This screen is a sortable and filterable grid with the list of all products. You can select some parameters to display the information that you want. 

Check the product and/or channel information you want to display, then click on apply and the grid will be displayed with all information selected.

The main search field above the results grid allows an approximate search. The specific search fields (ean, sku, etc...) allow an exact search:

You can export the results as csv or xls file:

if you click on a product in the grid, the product screen detail will be displayed:

  • the first part shows product information:

  • the second part lists all offers for all channels with price, shipping part and total price . You can export this list as csv or xls

  1. the last part shows a graph, with the price evolution by channel or by seller for a specific channel ( max. 1 month history can be displayed). You can export this graph as png or csv.

 4/ Product matching

On this page you will find matching information for each channel. The grid is sortable and filterable.
When clicking on a product, you will find the matching details:

5/ Sellers analyse

In this grid you will find the competitors listing. You can export the list as csv or xls file.

You can click on a specific seller to see the details:

In the top part, information on the seller collected from the channel will be displayed (depending on the channel, more or less information will be displayed)

In the bottom part, you will find the products sold by this competitor (limited to the product catalogue in CARL) with his price, shipping price and total price for each product.

You can also export as csv or xls file.

6/ Exports


On this page you will find all exports generated via CARL ( when you click on "export" on any page, the export will be available in this screen).

7/ Alerts

In this screen you can enable/disable, create or delete some alerts. There are also several preset alerts that can be customised to receive a specific information.

You can also find the alert details in the exports page.

Note : Carl is looking for your internet browser language.  Information will be in displayed in French if your browser language is French otherwise the information will be displayed in English.

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