Prestashop - Update shipping method on shipment confirmation

Prestashop - Update shipping method on shipment confirmation

This article explains how Boostmyshop can update the order shipping method in Prestashop when shipping confirmation is sent to Prestashop.

Install Boostmyshop module on Prestashop

You must first install the Boostmyshop module on your prestashop store :  Connect module for Prestashop

Configure Prestashop integration

Next you must configure the prestashop integration in MyFulfillment, to do it select menu Integrations > Manage integrations and click on your Prestashop Integration.

  1. Make sure option "MyFulfillment module is installed ?" in the configuration tab is enabled
  2. Next scroll down to the "SHIPPING CONFIRMATION" section and enable option "Update prestashop shipping method"

When the shipping confirmation is sent to Prestashop, MyFulfillment will update the prestashop shipping method using the mapping table in "ORDERS IMPORT" section.

For instance, the configuration below will assign shipping method "Autre livraison" to the Prestashop order when shipping method in MyFulfillment is "DPD France" : 

Then save the integration.

Note : this configuration will apply only for the next shipping confirmation to Prestashop.

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