Chaotic storage - Stock management

Chaotic storage - Stock management

When you enable chaotic storage, stock management is slighly different as every movement in the warehouse needs to indicate where you pick the product (source location) and where you drop the product (target location).

Stock summary

When chaotic is enabled, you will see the different location for a product in a warehouse:

In the mass stock editor, if you want to change the stock level for a product, you must do it at the location level:

Note: from the mass stock editor, you can only edit the location already assigned to the product. If you need to allocate quantities to another location, you must create a stock movement.

Stock movement

When you create a stock movement, you will need to select the location for source and target (unless the source or target warehouse is empty):

Here are a few scenario to understand how to create stock movement when chaotic storage is enabled :

  1. Allocate quantities to a specific location:
    1. From: blank
    2. Source location: blank
    3. To: mywarehouse
    4. Target: select a location in mywarehouse
  2. Move products from a location to another one in the same warehouse :
    1. From: mywarehouse
    2. Source location: select the location where stock is
    3. To: mywarehouse
    4. Target: select a location in mywarehouse
  3. Remove products from a location
    1. From: mywarehouse
    2. Source location: select the location where stock is
    3. To: blank
    4. Target: blank

Import stock levels

If you want to mass import stock levels in warehouses using chaotic storage, you must use the "Import stock and location" wizard from the wizards menu:

When a warehouse uses chaotic storage, the location is mandatory in the file so the system knows where to add / remove / update the quantities


For the moment, stock transfer feature AND stock takes are not compatible with Chaotic storage

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