Conversion tracker not installed

Conversion tracker not installed

A tracker is a piece of code inserted in your website to follow an event. Many words exist with the same meaning : tracker, tag, snippet, etc.. In our case, we need a Conversion tracker. This tag ensure to track users that pass an order after clicking on your ad in order to monitor your campaigns and ensure you reach your profit target


1/ You need to create a conversion tracker on Google Ads :

  • Login on google Ads

  • Select menu "Tools & Settings" and click on entry "Conversion"

  • Click on the "+" button

  • Select "website" icon

2/ Configure the conversion action as following

  • Type : Purchase
  • Name : MyAds conversiont tracker
  • Value : "Use different values, if no values use 1 euro"
  • Count : Every conversion
  • Click through conversion window : 60 days
  • View through conversion window : 3 days
  • Include in Conversions : Yes
  • Attribution model : Linear

3/ Once the conversion tracker is created, you must install it on your website

  • In the same window, open "Tag setup" section and select "Install the tag yourself"

  • Then follow instructions to install global site tag and the "Snippet conversion page"

If you already installed our extension and your conversion tracker is not working, please contact our team at