Creating partial invoice and partial shipment M2 myE

Creating partial invoice and partial shipment M2 myE

1. Configuration:-

A. Create "Partial delivered" Order Status:-

This step is optional. When we partially pack an order from the packing screen, the order status will be under "Processing". If you want to change the order status with your "custom status", then you can create a custom status.
Please follow below video.

B. Configuration for Partial delivered:-

Order preparation configuration is available from menu Stores > Settings > Configuration > Boostmyshop > Order preparation > Packing Section
1). Allow partial packing > "Yes"
2). Create order invoice >"Yes"
3). Invoice only shipped items > "Yes"
4). Change order status > "Yes" (Optional)
5). Status to assign to processing orders > "Processing"
(It is by default "Processing", if you are partially packing an order then you create a your "custom status")
6). Status to assign to complete orders > "Complete"

2. Processing Order:-

Please follow below video.

Partial invoice configuration is available from menu Embedded ERP > Order preparation > Configuration > Packing > Invoice only shipped items > "Yes"

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