My Connect account

My Connect account

2 portals are available : 
  1. Subscription portal to manage your subscription and download invoices
  2. Support portal to track the tickets

1- Subscription portal 

The subscription portal is here to get access to your subscription details and also to get invoices.

When you subscribed to Connect, an email was sent to you to create this login. If you didnt received the email, ask support team to send you the link again.

Once logged in you should see information about your subscription : 

From this interface you have the possibility to see your subscriptions, invoices, payments made etc.. 

If you don't remember your password, use the "Forgot Password" link at the bottom :

2- Support portal 

On the support portal, you can see your tickets.

You can access the support portal by going on :

The first time you access there, click on link "Sign up" in the top right corner and create your account : 

You will then receive an email to create your account.

If you don't remember your password, use the "Forgot Password" link at the right. 

Once logged in you can :

  1. Reach from the "My Area" tab the  tickets section : 

  1. Reach from the "Knowledge base" tab the  documentation section : 

  1. Reach from the "Recent updates" tab the recent articles on Connect: 

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