Different options are available to adjust the DropShip process to your needs.
The module configuration is available from menu Stores > Configuration > Boostmyshop > DropShip.


In this section you will find options to configure the global behavior of the module.

Enable internal validation step
Implement the "Pending internal validation" tab in the DropShip screen, between the "Items to drop ship" tab and the "Pending supplier shipping" tab (or the "Pending supplier validation" one if enabled).
Enable supplier validation step
Implement the "Pending supplier validation" tab in the DropShip screen, between the "Items to drop ship" tab (or the "Pending internal validation" one if enabled) and the "Pending supplier shipping" tab.
Show confirmation popup
Display a confirmation popup before each action processed.
Order statuses
Select here order statuses allowed for drop ship. If nothing is selected, no condition on order status will be applied to determine which orders can be drop ship.
Invoice order
Invoice order when the drop ship request is sent to the supplier (when order moves from the "Items to drop ship"tab to the next one).
Create partial invoice
Requires the "Invoice order" option to be set on "Yes".
When this option is enabled, only drop shipped items will be invoiced, else the whole sales order will be invoiced (even items not managed through the drop ship process if there are some in the sales order).
Enable auto-drop
Enable the auto-drop feature. Do not use.

Default supplier

This section will help you to define if a supplier must be automatically selected for each item to drop ship and how it should be selected.

Select default supplier in drop ship screen
Enable the automatic selection of the supplier.
The supplier automatic selection will depend on the "Prioritize cheapest supplier" and "Prioritize primary supplier" options.
Supplier must have a price at product/supplier level
Only process the automatic selection if a buying price has been defined in the product/supplier association.
Supplier must have dropship enabled at product/supplier level
Only process the automatic selection if the "DropShip" option has been set to "Yes" in the product/supplier association.
Supplier must have stock at product/supplier level
Only process the automatic selection if the value of the option "Supplier stock" is higher than 0 in the product/supplier association.
Prioritize cheapest supplier
Prioritize the supplier with the lowest buying price if multiple suppliers are associated to a product.
Prioritize primary supplier
Prioritize the supplier having the option "Is Primary" defined on "Yes" in the product/supplier association.

If both "Prioritize cheapest supplier" and "Prioritize primary supplier" options are enabled, the "Prioritize primary supplier" option will be firstly used to find a supplier.
Then, if no supplier has been defined as primary, the "Prioritize cheapest supplier" option will be used.

Packing slip

There you can define a header to display on packing slips PDF.

Header text
Text displayed in the top-right corner of the packing slips PDF files sent with the drop ship PDF.

Automatic Drop Ship

Automatic drop ship, when enabled, will automatically send drop ship requests to suppliers.

Enable the automatic drop ship feature.

Supplier notification

There you can define which email template and sender will be used for all drop ship requests.

Sender of all drop ship request emails .
Email template
Email template to use for all drop ship request emails .

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