Dropship management

Dropship management

Pending supplier validation

This tab contains drop ship sent to supplier, for which you expect the supplier approval.

For each drop ship record, you get :
  1. Link to the sales order and to the purchase order
  2. Product prices
  3. Cancel button : if you cancel the drop ship, it will delete the associated purchase order. And the order goes back to the “Items to drop ship” tab
  4. Confirm : move the drop ship to the “Pending supplier shipping” tab and change the purchase order status to “Expected”

Pending supplier shipping

This is the final step, you must go here when the supplier confirms the drop ship.

Fill the tracking number (if exists), fill the buying prices and shipping cost and click on the confirm button :

  1. A shipment is created for the sales order
  2. The shipment notification email is sent to the customer (if you enabled the “notify customer” option in the current tab)
  3. The purchase order status goes to “Complete”
  4. Drop ship goes into the “History” tab

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