Shipping method edition

Shipping method edition

Shipping method edition

In the different screens where you can edit the shipping method, Connect will display only shipping methods assigned to a carrier template.
Carrier template can be seen in menu "Sales > Shipping labels".

If you need additionnal shipping methods but dont need to print shipping labels for them, follow these instructions : 
  1. Go in menu sales > Shipping label
  2. Create a new template with the button in the bottom
  3. Configure the template this way : 
    1. Name : dummy template
    2. Type : order details export
    3. Shipping method : select the shipping methods you need (use ctr + click to select several methods)
    4. Save
    5. Then, go in the "Configuration" tab and fill "dummy.txt" in the file name
Then, the new shipping methods will be available in the different screens.

From the order grid

Select menu Sales > order, search for the order, tick the checbox in the first column and select action "Change shipping method" and select the new shipping method. Then hit button "Submit" : 

From the order preparation screen

In the order preparation, you can change the shipping method using the mass action in all tabs : 

From the packing screen

In the packing screen, click on the pencil icon close to the shipping method : 

A popup opens with all methods available, click on the new method and hit the save button.

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