Feature and specifications

Feature and specifications

What is a marketplace?

      A marketplace is a platform where vendors can come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer base. 

 Boostmyshop is a official Mirakl pricing partner for many marketplaces

Which marketplaces are compatible with myPricing?

Here is the list of MIRAKL marketplaces that we support:

  1. Alltricks
  2. Animalis
  3. Atlasformen
  4. Auchan
  5. Brico Privé
  6. But
  7. Cadeaux
  8. Carrefour
  9. Cleor
  10. Conforama
  11. Darty
  12. Decathlon
  13. Galerie Lafayette
  14. GO SPORT
  15. Intermarché
  16. LaPoste
  17. Leclerc
  18. Leroy Merlin
  19. MacWay
  20. Maison du Monde
  21. Nature & Découvertes
  22. Rue du Commerce
  23. Showroomprivé
  24. Truffaut
  25. Ubaldi
  26. PcComponentes ES
  27. Carrefour ES
  28. ePRICE IT
  29. Worten PT
What is BuyBox predictor ?

       myPricing takes consideration of all your ratings such as price, store and shipment to customer and other criteria's to see areas of improvement for chance's of winning the buybox.

How do we integrate via FTP or URL file?

      Extended data feature can be used to udpate via  URL / FTP

How much history can I have in myPricing ?

            You can have a 30 days history of data in your myPricing account

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    • How do we integrate via FTP or URL file?

      Extended data feature can be used to udpate via  URL / FTP as following :  Go to "Settings" Then select "Extended Data" And upload your file, either manually, or paste an URL or your FTP credentials
    • Preview your strategy

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