Google Merchant Center integration

Google Merchant Center integration

The Google Merchant Center integration allows you to link your Connect account to your Google Account. You can then send your catalog to your Merchant Center and check the publication status of your products on Google's networks.

Prerequisite :
- You must have a valid Google Merchant Center account.
- You must have an imported catalog in your Connect account.
- Your products must have the following mandatory information: EAN or UPC / Title / Selling price / Picture.
- Your products must be published on your website.

Connect your Boostmyshop SmartCampaign account with your Google Merchant Center account

1/ Go to the integration page of our tool and follow the steps below :

  1. Click on "New integration"
  2. Fill in the title field with the value "GMC".
  3. Select the value " Enabled".
  4. Select as type, the value "Google Merchant Center".
  5. Save your new integration

2/ Set up your catalog options

These options are available in the tab "Configuration".
  1. Choose your currency
  2. Select the countries in which you distribute your products
  3. Select the warehouses that should impact the level of stock sent to Google
  4. Save

3/ Allow Boostmyshop to manage your catalog on your Google Merchant Center

When you validate your configuration options for the first time, you'll be redirected to your Google Account. 
Choose which account you want to link to Boostmyshop to allow the management of your catalog:

If the connection is valid, you will be redirected to your Boostmyshop account and you should see your Google Merchant Center ID:

4/ Send your first product feed to your Merchant Center

To create your catalog on your Google account, go to the "Feed" tab.
  1. For the "Upload products to merchant center" feed, select the "Once a day" update.
  2. Click on "Run now"
Depending on the size of your catalog, exporting may take some time.

5/ Check the status of your submitted products

You can check the status of your products via 
  1. "Check Uploaded products error from merchant center" feed.
  2. Your Google Merchant Center (

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