How to generate an Amazon MWS token (EU)

How to generate an Amazon MWS token (EU)

Amazon MWS access procedure (EU)

This document explains how to create Amazon MWS access for myPricing.

1. Log in your Amazon Seller Central Account at  

2. Go to Settings / User Permissions Aller dans le menu Paramètres/ Autorisations utilisateur (en haut à droite)

3. Click on “Visit Manage Your Apps” under Third-Party developer and aps

4. Click on “Authorize new developer”

In the page Amazon Marketplace Web Service enter the credentials :
  1. Developper’s Name : SmartPrice
  2. Developper ID : 514340790302

5. Validate and click on Next

6. Copy-paste  and send the MWS Authorisation Token and Seller ID.

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