Import your catalog with Prestashop

Import your catalog with Prestashop

In this section we will see how to import your Prestashop catalogue on myPricing.

Once you have selected the Prestashop platform, our assistant will guide you through the steps.

Install the module

Download the myPricing module for Prestashop by clicking on the button and click "Continue"

To proceed with the installation of the myPricing module :

- Head to the « Modules » page in your PrestaShop backoffice
- Click on « Install a Module »
- Wait for the module to be installed successfully

Retrieve the login

To obtain the logins :
- Return to the « Modules » page in your Prestashop backoffice
- Click on the tab «Installed Modules»
- Search for the module « PricingLab Agent »
- Click on « Activate »
- Click on « Configure »
- Retrieve the ID « Token »

Make the connexion

- Enter the URL of your website ans in the example
- Enter the token generated


Mapp the field of your Prestashop with myPricing.

Congratulations !

Once you complete all the steps, you will see a "Green Dot" confirming that myPricing is well connected to your Prestashop.

Next Step ?

Next step is to configure your sales channels
You could also verify your catalog and apply filter
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