Importation of catalog

Importation of catalog

Your products can be imported either from your sales channel or from a csv file.

Synchronization from your sales channel

Once the channel is connected, the import of your products from your marketplace catalog will start automatically.

You can view the imported products in the myPricing section.

Synchronization from a csv file

Import your catalog using a csv file in 6 steps

1- Enter a descriptive name

This will help you easily identify the source of your data in the future.
Choose a name that accurately reflects the source of your data: this could be the name of the application, website or file from which the data originates.

Make sure the name is easy for you and your team to remember.

      2- Download the template file (Optional)

You can download a template file in csv format, which provides a format that can be easily imported into our application.

If you already have a file ready for import, you can proceed to the next step.
Customize the template or your own file to include mandatory fields such as seller reference, title, EAN and price incl. VAT.

3- Select your file import method

You can choose one of three methods for importing your file: direct upload, URL link or FTP link.

Upload file : Click on the “Choose a file” button and select the file you wish to download from your computer.

URL link: Enter the full path to the URL where the file is hosted. Our application will automatically download the latest version of the file every day. Please ensure that the file is publicly accessible and that the URL is correct.

FTP link: Enter FTP server configuration details, including server address, port number, username, password and file path. Our application will automatically download the latest version of the file every day.

Check the “My file has no column headers” option if your file has no column headers.

4- Mapping fields
Match the columns in your file to the fields in our application

Start by associating the mandatory fields: “Seller reference”, EAN, “Product name” & “Price incl tax”.

To enhance the product data available in the application, you can also map other relevant fields such as “Brand”, “Category”, “Quantity”, “Purchase cost” ...

Once you've mapped the necessary fields, click on the “Proceed” button to launch the import process.

  5- Choose the sales channel

You must then choose at least one sales channel on which you wish to analyze your catalog.

This enables us to provide information on prices, demand and competition for your products.

    6- Check your configuration

It's important to check your configuration before validating the synchronization of your data.

Please ensure that the mandatory fields below are correctly associated:
      - Seller Reference (SKU)
      - EAN / barcode
      - Product Title / le titre du produit
      - Price / le prix TTC

After validation, your products in the file will be synchronized every day with the latest available version of your file.

The synchronization and association of your products will start automatically.

Associating your products

Once your products have been imported, our application will automatically start associating them with those of other sellers on the market.

The procedure is fully automatic, and you can see the status of the match in Account health > Product association.

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