Kit products

Kit products

Kit overview 

Kit products are products containing children products.

A good example is a Computer that contains a central unit, a screen, a mouse and a keyboard. In that case, the computer is the "Kit" and the devices are the "Children products"

Kit products are only container and do not really exist, for this reason, stock management is disabled for Kit products. It means that Connect will only manage stock, reservation and shipments on the children products, not at the kit level.

In the products list, you can see if a product is a Kit checking the "Type" column : 

Convert a product to Kit

If your CMS (magento, prestashop, shopify ....) already support the kit functionnality, you dont have anything to do. During the product import, kit products will be automatically created.

However, if you dont use the kit feature in your CMS, you can enable it in Connect. This way, when a new order will come with a Kit product, Connect will automatically append children products to the order.

To convert a product to Kit, go within the product view and click on the "Convert to Kit" button at the bottom of the screen : 

Once the product is converted to Kit, you can configure the children products from the "Kit content" tab : 

Search for products in the textbox and select the product in the dropdown. Once selected, you can configure the quantity of each product in the kit and hit the save button  :

Then, when Connect will import a new order with this Kit product, the 2 children will be automatically added in the order.

Magento case

Magento supports bundle and grouped products. When a Magento catalog is imported in Connect, bundle and grouped products are automatically created as Kit products in Connect.

However, the kits created in Connect do not have any children.

When a new order comes with a kit product, Connect will automatically append children product into the order according to the Magento order.

How to import and modify a Kit product

It is possible to import / modify Kit product by a csv file import from Menu > Inventory > Kits : button Import csv file :

To import csv file click on the "Import csv file" at the right bottom of the screen : 

Then you will be redirected on the import screen :

On which you can :
1 - Download a sample file to build the csv file you will fill :
Example of the sample file : 

2- Define the field delimiter on the file you built
3- Upload the file you just have built
4- import the csv file

Important : every row into the file must contains the product kit sku and one product sku 
if you have a kit with several childrens products, you have to add one line per children sku, example below  : 

  1. If your product A had 3 childrens products, and you don't add the third, it will be removed from the kit
  2. If your product B had 2 childrens products, and you add a new sku, this one will be added as a children of the kit.

Error during order import

If during order import you get error "Missing children for container product", it means that the order contains a kit product for which no content is set.

To fix the problem : 
- Go in the KIT product view in Connect
- Select tab "Kit content"
- Add children product

Then, try to re-import the order

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