Low stock alerts (warning and ideal stock levels)

Low stock alerts (warning and ideal stock levels)


To manage low stock alerts and optimize replenishemnt, Connect uses 2 stock levels : 
  1. Warning stock level : this is the reorder point, when available stock goes below this limit, the alert is raisen in the supply needs
  2. Ideal stock level : this is the target stock level to reach to handle future sales

Example : 

Stock available
Warning stock level
Ideal stock level
Qty to purchase

Note : stock alert are available in the replenishment / supply needs screen

Edit low stock levels

The default values for warning and ideal stock level can be configured in the warehouse view, in supply needs section :

By default all products use these default settings, however, there are several ways to apply a custom value to products.

You can change values from the product view : 

You can edit levels from menu Inventory > Stock helper : 

Import a csv file

You can mass import from a csv file : 

  1. Go in menu Inventory > Warehouses > Select warehouse
  2. Select tab "Import"
  3. Upload a csv file

Note : to apply specific warning or ideal stock levels, your csv file must include columns use_config_warning_stock_level and use_config_ideal_stock_level with value 0

Low stock calculation algorithm

Connect can automatically update warning and ideal stock levels based on sales history.

Here is how work the algorithm : 

1. Calculate the average sales per week

This is done using the sales history comuting the average value for the 3 ranges : 

2. Calculate ideal stock period

This is the period of sales we want to cover to make sure we wont go out of stock.

This period is the sum of :
  1. The warehouse optimal stock level duration (can be configured in the warehouse view, under the supply needs section)
  2. The product's primary supplier lead time : this is the sum of supplier's shipping delay + supply delay (configurable in the supplier view)

3. Calculate the warning stock level

Warning stock level is always a percentage of the ideal stock level.

You can configure this percentage in the warehouse view : 

4. Additional information

  1. You can exclude a product from the autmatic low stock calculation in the stock helper screen : 

  1. If the warning / ideal stock level result is between 0 and 1, but not 0, the result is rounded to 1

Enable automatic low stock update

Before you enable automatic update, you can check calculation results in thestock helper screen :

To automatically update low stock levels, follow these steps : 
  1. Enable it in the warehouse view > Main tab > Supply needs section > Enable low stock automatic update = yes
  2. Go in the "Cron" integration, and schedule "Update low stock level" to "Once a day" and save : 

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