Magento 2

Magento 2


The integration between Connect and Magento 2 will :
  1. import products  from Magento to Connect
When you integrate Connect with a Magento 2 website, you must keep in mind the following things : 
  1. Products are created in Magento and imported to Connectyou can not create products in Connect.
  2. Connect is compatible with Magento 2 from version 2.0 until the last one.
Connect uses only Magento 2 web API to exchange information, meaning that you dont have to install any additionnal module in Magento to make it work.

Step 1 - Create Magento 2 user

To communicate with Magento2, Connect needs an admin user.

To create this user, follow these steps : 
  1. Login in your magento2 admin panel
  2. Select menu System > All users
  3. Click on "Add new user" button and configure the new user with Administrator Role
  4. Save the user

Step 2 - Create the new Magento 2 integration

In Connect, select menus "Integrations > New integrations" and click on the "New integation" button at the bottom.

Fill the form according to the image above and save.

Step 3 - Test the connection

Once the integration is created, you must configure your prestashop settings in the "Configuration" tab  :

Then, hit the save button : if your settings are correct, you'll get an error message, else an error message will be displayed.

Step 4 - Configuration items

This section describes the different settings available for the Magento2 integration.

A. Product import settings

These settings applies for product import and update from Magento to Connect.

Connect pulls standard product information like sku, name, image and weight from Magento. However, you can configure additional information to be imported like the barcode, MPN, manufacturer, self location, supplier etc...

For each information that you want to import, you must configure the Magento attribute : 

B. Stock level import settings
These settings are used to import the initial stock from Magento to Connect when you are ready to go live and want to initialize the Stocks in Connect based on the values in Magento.

In the dropdown, select the warehouse where you want to import Magento stock levels to.

Once the warehouse is configured, click on the save button.

Now, when the feed called  "Import stock level" will be runned, Connect will import products stock level from the warehouse selected here (step 5) : 

Step 5 - Feeds tab

Once configuration is done, you will have to run and schedule the different feeds available.

Here's the process advised to run all feeds in the correct order :

  1. Run the "Import new products" feed manually ("Run now" button) if you have not too much products, and schedule it every hour.
Wait until all products get imported into Connect.
  1. Schedule the "Update products" feed once a day.
  2. Schedule the "Import product images" feed every 4 hours.
  1. Run the "Import stock levels" feed manually only once  time ("Run now" button). 
Wait until all products stock level get updated into Connect.
Never run manually and don't schedule the others feeds !
It can have disastrous consequencies as the stock of your Magento will be updated with the one in Connect.

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