Magento2 error : Cannot create shipment /bundle product type "Separately/Together"

Magento2 error : Cannot create shipment /bundle product type "Separately/Together"

This article explains how to fix  error "Cannot create shipment as bundle product "XXXX has shipment type "Separately" or "Together". Bundle product options should be shipped instead : 

This error happens if you use Magento version >= 2.4.2 and have bundle products configured to be shipped separately or together.

In such case, you must modify your M2 integration configuration :
- Login on Boostmyshop
- Select menu Integrations > Manage integrations and click on your M2 integration
- Select tab "Configuration" on the left and scroll down until section "Shipping confirmation".
- Then enable option "Exclude bundle from shipments" and save : 

Once the configuration is changed, you can retry the shipment error : 

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