Manage feeds

Manage feeds

Feeds ?

An integration implements feeds. Feeds are used to push or pull information between Connect and an external system : for instance, a Magento integration provides the following feeds : 
  1. Import products from Magento to Connect
  2. Import ordersfrom Magento to Connect
  3. Export shipping confirmation from Connect to Magento
  4. Export stock levels from Connect to Magento

Feed schedule

You can configure the schedule for each feed using the dropdown menu next to the feed name.

The following schedule are available :
  1. Not scheduled : the feed is not automaticall ran
  2. Every 5 minutes, 15 minutes ... Once  a day : the feed will run automatically using this frequency
  3. Custom schedule : this option displays a textbox under the dropdown where you can enter custom schedules : 05h15,09h30,17h45,22h30

if the integration is disabled, feeds are not scheduled

Manual feed execution

If you want to run a feed on demand, you can use the "Execute now" button next to the feed : 

This will schedule the feed and execute it in the next minutes, the screen will show the feed execution progress :

Keep in mind that depending of the number of tasks executed by the server, a feed can take up to 5 minutes to start

Feed histories

There are 2 ways to consult the history of feed executions : 
  1. From menu Integrations > Feed executions : you get here feed executions for every integrations
  2. From menu Integrations > Manage integrations > [click on the integration] > Feed history : here you get history for the current integration only

For both screens, you get the details of the feeds : 
  1. Feed type : this is the type of the feed (ORDER_IMPORT, STOCK_LEVEL_EXPORT ...)
  2. Created at : datetime when the feed is scheduled
  3. Started at : datetime when the feed has started (empty if the feed has not started yet)
  4. Finished at : datetime when the feed has finished (empty if the feed is not completed)
  5. Details : more details about the feed progress
  6. Status : 
    1. running : currently working
    2. scheduled : will be executed soon
    3. complete : finished
    4. killed : feed didnt finished and has been killed
  7. Error : contains yes if at least one error happened during the feed execution

Feed details

If you want to get more details about a feed, click on the "Details" link on the right.

The next screen gives all details about the feed : 
  1. General : general information about the feed
  2. Details : list of messages in the feed (mostly a detail of each item processed)
  3. Files : some feeds can generate log files

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