This section describes how to create and configure your Connect account once your subscription is validated.

Create user

Once your subscription is validated, you receive an email with a link to create your user :

Clicking on the link in the email redirects to the form where you can fill your account details : 

Once your user is created, you will receive an email with login details and you are redirected to the login page.

Account configuration / Onboarding

At the first connect, you are redirected to the Onboarding page which guides you through the configuration process.

Onboarding includes 4 steps :
  1. Company information : you will enter here your company details, address
  2. Shipping methods : select the carriers you want to use with Connect
  3. Store : Synchronize your Magento / Prestashop / Shopify store
  4. Account ready : provides the next steps to use MyFulfillment
Once the onboarding is complete, you can use all features.

If you missed a configuration step, remember that wizards are available in the "Wizard" menu on the left.