Shipping methods rules

Shipping methods rules

Shipping methods rules

Shipping methods can be affected to orders by order carrier rules.
These rules are designed to automatically assign a specific shipping method to order based on conditions.
They are triggered as soon as an order is imported in Connect, regardless the order source (Magento, Prestashop, Amazon, Hiboutik etc..)

Manage order rules

To manage order carrier rules,  go in menu Sales > Carrier order rules.
To edit an existing rule, click on a record, to create a new rule, use the New rule button at the bottom of the screen.

Edit order rule

Once you are in the rule view, you can configure several settings : 

General tab

    1. Name : give a clear name to your rule
    2. Active : active the rule if you want it to be used
    3. Priority : rules are played by priority (1 is the first, 999 is the last). As soon as a rule applies, rules with higher priority wont be used

Conditions tab

All conditions configured must match to order to assign the shipping method configured in the actions tab
    1. Subtotal : order subtotal (product price excl tax). You can define a range, if you dont want to configure max or min, you can leave them empty
    2. Total weight : weight of the order in kg(calculated with the sum of products weight)
    3. Product count : number of units in the order
    4. Contains sku : enter skus separated with a comma here. Order must contain at least one of the sku configured
    5. Payment method : order payment method must match to one of the selected methods
    6. Country : customer shipping address country must match to one of the selected countries
    7. Postcode : enter postcodes separated with a comma here. Order must match to one of the postcode configured

Action tab

    1. Assign shipping method : select the shipping method to assign to order if the current rules conditions are fulfiled

Test / apply rules

You can easily test rules on orders already imported using the "Play order carrier rules" mass action : 
Tick order chekboxes, select the mass action and hit the Submit button.
Rules are then played for each order and shipping method is updated according to the rules result.

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