Order details

Order details

Order Details

This pop-up will provide a summary of any order, with its main details in.

These information are divided into differents tabs :
  1. Overview
  2. invoice & shipment
  3. Payments
  4. Margins
  5. Gift message
  6. Organizer
  7. RMA

Available tabs


This tab will provide the overall details of the orders like:
  1. Total cost
  2. Order status
  3. Number of products
  4. Shipping method and Payment method
  5. Billing address and shipping address
  6. Reserved and to ship quantity of the products ordered
  7. Warehouse details

Invoices & Shipment

Generated invoice and packing slip will be placed here.


Particular order payment details will be displayed in this tab.

you can remove the payment details by clicking on the remove button.


The margin cost is estimated and tabulated in margin tab.

Gift message

You will be able to send the message text for the ordered person using this gift message.

Enter the "From", "to", and the "message" and click on "Save Gift Message".


Organizer is a task / note manager allowing user to add notes from different sections of Connect.
More information in the Organizer documentation.


RMA Product Return is designed to manage customer returns.

More information in the RMA documentation.

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