Order margins

Order margins

Order margins

This article explains how Connect update product costs in orders and then how Connect calculates order margins.

Order margins are available in the order view, in the "margins" tab : 

Margin details are based on the price paid by customer and the product cost.
When an order is imported in Connect, the cost is updated with the product cost (see article about the weighted average cost to get more details) :

When the order is shipped, this cost will be updated again to match the real product cost : 
  1. If the order has been shipped from your warehouse, the "cost" in the order item is updated again using the product cost.
  2. If the order has been shipped via dropship, the cost in the order item is updated directly from the dropship order buying price + landing fees
Cost update based on the shipment are not done immediately, but asynchronously, check next section for more details

Asynchronous update

In order to optimize performances, cost update in order items is not performed immediately when an order is shipped.
To enable the cost update, you must configure the "Update order costs" feed in the cron integration :
  1. Go in menu Integrations > Integrations
  2. If you dont already have a "Cron" integration, create a new integration with buton "New integration", give it a name (cron), enable it and select type "Cron".
  3. Go in the "Feeds" tab and schedule the "Update order costs" feed every evening : 

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