Order preparation in bulk (mass print documents and labels)

Order preparation in bulk (mass print documents and labels)

This article explains how to configure and use the order preparation screen to print documents and labels in bulk : this method assumes that you print everything before starting to pack orders.

Note : this method is not recommended, prefer to use order by order mode

Workflow overview

  1. Select orders to prepare and and add them in the "In progress" tab
  2. Print the picking list and pick products in the warehouse
  3. Mass create order shipments
  4. Print all shipping labels
  5. Pack the order offline
  6. (optional) Import tracking numbers


To configure such workflow, go in menu settings and select tab "Order preparation". Then make sure to enable steps according to the screenshot below : 

Note : shipping step is optional, you dont need it if you use only API carriers

How to use

      Add orders to in progress

Go in menu Sales > Order preparation and add orders to the In Progress tab : 


Then click on button "Picking" in the bottom right corner : you will then download the global picking list to pick products in the warehouse.

      Mass create shipment

Once the picking is done, click on button "Mass create shipment and invoices" : this will create shipments for all orders in the "in progress" tab : 

      Download documents

Click on button Download PDF to get a PDF with all packing slips and invoices

      Download shipping labels

Go in step "Shipping" and download labels per carrier : 

      Pack orders

Pack orders manually

      Import tracking numbers

If you have non API carriers, you must import tracking numbers from a CSV file, from the "shipping" button : 


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