Order preparation overview

Order preparation overview

Order preparation overview

The Order preparation screen will help you to easily prepare your orders through a friendly and professionnal interface spliting the preparation process into different steps.

This screen is divided into 4 differents tab that will intelligently sort your orders depending on their status (holded or not) and on the stock status of ordered products.

Abvailable tabs

This screen provides a very clear state about the orders you have to ship and their progress.

It displays 3 tabs in which it distributes orders :
  1. In stock orders : All orders having all ordered products in stock.
  2. Out of stock orders : All orders not having all ordered products in stock.
  3. Holded orders : All orders having an "On Hold" status, that should not be processed for the moment.
  4. In progress orders : All orders currently prepared.

All the process supports multiple packers and multiple warehouses use.
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