Order selection step

Order selection step

Order selection step

This first step (mandatory) is designed to select orders to add in the batch of orders to manage.

Only “opened orders” will be displayed in the Order preparation screen.
Opened orders are orders which are not fully shipped, and neither cancelled.
To help you to find orders to process, opened orders are divided into 4 different tabs.

Preparation tabs understanding

The Order preparation screen is made of 4 different tabs, sorting orders according to ordered products stock status :
  1. In stock : Contains orders having all products to ship in stock.
  2. Backorder : Contains orders having some of the products to ship not in stock.
  3. On Hold : Contains orders not to ship at the moment.
  4. In progress : Contains orders being currently prepared (orders selected in the current batch of orders to process).

Colors meaning

All orders are displayed with their products details in the different tabs. Color codes are used to distinguish product statuses :
  1. Strikethrough : The product has already been shipped.
  2. Green : The product is currently in stock (or has been reserved for this order if you’ve our Inventory management extension).
  3. Red : The product is out of stock.
  4. Orange : The product is partially in stock (or has been partially reserved if you’ve our Inventory management extension). For instance, you must ship 3 qty of a product, but only 2 are currently in stock / have been reserved.
  5. Grey and italic : The product must be dispatched from another warehouse.
From these tabs, you can select orders to add to the current batch of managed orders, as seen previously.

To Achieve that goal, you’ve got 2 options :
  1. Tick the orders checkboxes from the grids, and then select the mass action “Prepare” located at the top-left corner of each tab’s grid.
  2. Use the “Prepare” link from the “action” column displayed on each tab’s grid.

In both case, selected order(s) will be removed from the current tab and added to the “In progress” tab.
If an ordered product is out of stock, it will not be managed through the order preparation steps, and so a partial shipment will be created for the order containing it.

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