Organizer management

Organizer management

Organizer management

Create an Organizer

From any Organizers grid, you will find an “Add New” button :

Clicking on this button will open a new popup where Organizer details can be filled.

Fillable details are the following ones :
- Organizer label : Title of your Organizer, will be displayed in Organizers tooltip.
- Assigned to : Organizer will be associated to the user selected.
- Category : Define category associated to the Organizer
- Priority : Define the Organizer priority.
- Due date : Limit date for Organizer resolution.
- Comments : Organizer comments, will be displayed in Organizers tooltip.

Once everything is correctly set, click on the “Save” button to create a new Organizer with provided details.

Edit an Organizer

You can edit an existing Organizer by clicking on the “Pencil” icon located in the Action column of each Organizers grid :

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