Organizer overview

Organizer overview

Organizer overview


Organizer is a task / note manager allowing user to add notes from different sections of Connect.

An Organizer tab can be found from these Connect sections :
  1. Orders (Sales > Orders)
  2. Suppliers (Purchasing > Suppliers)
  3. Purchase Orders (Purchasing > Purchase Orders)
  4. Supplier Invoices (Purchasing > Supplier Invoices)
  5. Stock transfer (Inventory > Transfer)
  6. Stock Take (Inventory > Stock Take)

Organizer tab

From each Organizer tab, you will find a grid displaying all Organizers already created :

From this screen, you can add a new organizer using the “Add New” button.
You can also edit an existing one by clicking on the “Pencil” icon located in the Action column.

Organizer representation

If an organizer is associated to one Connect section, then you will find an “info” icon on the dedicated row.

In our example, the organizer is associated to order #12000001276.

If you place your cursor on the “info” icon, organizer comment will be displayed in a tooltip

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