Packing step

Packing step

The packing applies on orders in the batch.

To pack an order, you can :
  1. Scan the barcode on the picking list
  2. Select the order with the drop down menu on the top left corner.
In both cases, the order details are displayed, with the products to pack.

For each products, you can scan the product barcode OR use the - / + button to update the quantity packed. Every time the quantity packed for one product changes, the status on the right changes.

Once every product are packed, you can confirm the packing using the commit packing button : the extension will create shipment and invoice and display a confirmation screen.

You can also print a barcode with text "commit", then scanning this barcode will "click" on the "Commit packing" button so you dont need to use the mouse.

From the confirmation screen, you can :
  1. Download the packing slip PDF
  2. Download the invoice PDF
  3. Download the shipping label template file
  4. Enter the tracking number and save it into the shipment : when the tracking number is saved, the customer is notified by email.

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