Picking / Packing per Batch

Picking / Packing per Batch


This article explains how to prepare orders creating batches of orders.

Packing per batch workflow is the following : 
  1. Warehouse manager creates batch containing several orders, batches are not assigned to any user
  2. Warehouse manager prints the batch : printed pages includes batch number, global picking list and one packing document per order
  3. Picker performs the picking for a batch
  4. Packer selects a batch on the screen, and perform packing + shipping for all orders (note: several packers can work on the same batch)


To enable batch mode, you must edit settings in "Store > Configuration > Order preparation > Batch" 
  1. Enable : Yes
  2. Disable labels pregeneration : Yes
  3. Print format : A4

How to use

Once batch mode is enabled, the main order preparation screen is slightly different : 

  1. In stock / Partial / Backoder / On hold : no changes
  2. New batches : this tab contains batches just created but not printed yet
  3. Active batches : this tab contains batches printed but having not packed orders
  4. All batches : this tab contains all batches, active or complete

To create a new batch, go in tab "In stock" and use mass action to generate a new batch : 

The new batch created is then available in the "New batches" tab : 

You can then print the batch using the "print" link on the right.  The pdf generated contains 4 sections : 
  1. First page with batch details
  2. Global picking list
  3. One page for each order
  4. End page

You can then take the global picking list pages and perform the picking.

Once the picking is done, go back in order preparation and click on button "Packing", then scan the batch barcode (on the first page) to select the batch.

Then, scan the order barcode and pack the order, repeat this for every batch orders

Once all orders are packed, the batch status will automatically change to "Complete".

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