Picking per bins

Picking per bins


When you do the global picking, you collect all products in the warehouse for all selected orders.
The problem is that you need to find the products for each order during the packing step.

The picking per bin is designed to sort products by order during the picking step.

You need a cart like this one : 

Here is how it works : 
  1. Each bin on the cart has a number (from 1 to 24 for example)
  2. When you print the picking document, each order is assigned to a bin number
  3. You put each order picking document in the matching bin
  4. Then, when you pick the products using the global picking list, you put products in the correct bins immediately
  5. This way, when the picking is done, each bin contains the order picking document + the products

How to enable it

Log in Connect and select menu "Settings", then click on tab "Order preparation" and scroll down until "Picking" section
  1. Set "Enable picking per bins" to "Yes"
  2. Enter the number of bins for your cart 

How to use it

Add orders to in progress tab

In order preparation screen, if the picking per bin is enabled, a new button allows to automatically add X orders in the "in progress" tab, X being the number of bins available in the cart : 

Click on the button and X orders from the "In stock" tab are added to the in progress list

When the picking per bin is enabled, the picking document is slightly different.

A first page summarizes orders and their bin number : 

In the global picking list, for each product you know the quantity to put in each bin : 

The order picking document shows the associated bin number : 

Once the PDF is printed, put each order picking document in the associated bin and start the picking

You can then start the global picking using the global picking list : follow the product list, pick the quantity requested and put the products in the matching bins.

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