Picking step

Picking step

Picking step

The Picking step will launch a PDF file download, composed of all selected orders details.

This PDF will be composed of a Global picking list page as summary, and of one page per order selected in the batch.

Global picking list page

You can add a global picking list of all orders in the batch at the beginning of the 

Picking PDF, by enabling the Include global picklist option.

This page will display all products you need to prepare orders currently selected in the batch.

For example this can be helpful to pick all the products and pack them afterward.

The global picking list looks like this :

Orders pages

The Picking PDF is then composed of one page for each order in the batch, with their details displayed, if the option Include single order picklist has been set to “Yes”.

  1. Barcode : A barcode containing the order ID is generated for each order, it can then be used at the Packing step to select orders to pack.
  2. Order details : Operator name’s, shipping method used and order date.
  3. Customer address(es) : Shipping and Billing address(es).
  4. Products list : Depending of the option PDF Layout, more or less products information will be displayed
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