Prestashop - Order update feed

Prestashop - Order update feed


This article explains how the order update feed from the Prestashop integration can update order status in Boostmyshop

Warning : it is not recommended to enable this feed unless you ship orders from prestashop

Configure the feed

To configure this feed, go in menu integrations > manage integrations and click on your prestashop integration, then select tab "Feeds" : 

A recommended schedule is every 30 minutes

Order cancellation (Prestashop -> myFulfillment)

If you want to enable automatic cancellation, you must first configure prestashop statuses for canceled orders : this can be done from the configuration tab, in the "ORDER UPDATE (PRESTASHOP > BOOSTMYSHOP)" section.
Select here the prestashop statuses that are canceled.

Once it is configured, if an order in prestashop has this status, it will be canceled in Boostmyshop.

Order status update (myFulfillment -> Prestashop)

Those settings will allow you to update the order status in Prestashop depending of its status in myFulfillment.

Select here the status myFulfillment should send to Prestashop :
It will update the status in Prestashop based on this table..

Order complete

Order in Boostmyshop will be set to complete automatically depending of the status configuration in Prestashop.

As soon as a prestashop status has the "shipped" or "delivery" flag on, the order will be shipped in Boostmyshop too : 

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