By going to the Settings > Pricing section, you can manage the settings for your dynamic price optimization.


Price field to update 

Choose how the new price we send on this sales channel will appear:


Promotional price   

If the sales channel allows it, you can display the new price calculated by myPricing as a promotional price (for example, €10 which is -20%)

Regular price   

The price sent will replace the current optimized price 

Price Live updatation to the channel 

       Enabling this option will send prices to the currently selected marketplace

Ignore competitors shipping fees

      Enabling this option will exclude or ignore competing shipping costs that are taken into account in price calculations.

Ignore my shipping fees

      Allows whether the shipping costs are taken into account in price calculations.

Change strategy

      Allows you to change your price optimization strategy by clicking on the "Change now" link

Price optimization

      Allows you to restart the price optimization calculations by clicking on the "Optimize now" link

Danger Zone

      This option will allow you to reset your reference prices by clicking on the button. 
This operation will retrieve your prices currently online to consider them as a new reference price

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