Product additional barcodes

Product additional barcodes

Edit / consult barcodes

Connect supports one main barcode for product but can also manage additional barcodes.

Both are visible / editable in the product view, in tab Attributes.

The main barcode is mostly synchronized from the CMS, it is not recommended to change it in connect : 

Lower in the page, you can manage the additional barcodes : 

Import barcodes

If you wish to import barcodes from a csv file, select menu inventory > bulk editor, and click on button "Import barcode" in the bottom right corner.
Then upload your file and save.

Notice about additional barcodes

Additional barcodes are supported in the following screens : 
  1. Purchase order reception
  2. Order preparation packing
  3. Mass stok editor barcode column
  4. Inventory > Barcode inventory screen

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