Receive purchase order

Receive purchase order

Products Reception

When you receive the products in the warehouse, you must create the reception to update the inventory.

To create a new reception :
  1. Go in menu “Purchase order”
  2. Click on the purchase order (you can apply a filter by status = expected to restrict the list)
  3. In the purchase order view, click on button “Receive” in the top right corner

To fill the received products, you have 2 options :
  1. Use a barcode scanner to scan the products (it will increase by one the product at each scan). Note : to use the barcode scanner feature, you must configure the barcode attribute in stores > configuration > procurement > general).
  2. Manually fill the quantity received for each products (you can also use the “Fill all quantities” button to fill the text boxes with the quantity expected, you can then update quantities manually if required)

Note : you can fill quantities received greater than the quantity ordered, or lower (partial reception)
Once the quantities are filled, click on the “Save” button to save the reception.

Saving a reception has several impacts :
  1. Creates a new reception for the PO (receptions history is visible in the “Receptions” tab for a PO)
  2. Creates the product/supplier association if the received products are not already associated with the PO’s supplier
  3. Updates the PO delivery progress (can be higher than 100 if you received more than ordered)
  4. Updates products inventory (if you use Embedded ERP, it will also create stock movements)
  5. Updates supply needs (most of the time, it removes supply needs with status “Waiting for reception”)

If the delivery progress reaches 100, the Purchase Order status is automatically toggled to “Complete”.

In case of partial reception for which the missing products will NOT be delivered, you must change the PO status to “Complete” manually : this is important because if you miss this part, the extension will still expect the products and will not warn you about new supply needs.


You can print a purchase order reception from the purchase order, going into the "Receptions" tab and clicking on the Print links : 

  1. Barcode column generates the barcode label for every products within the reception.
  2. Print column generates a PDF with all products received and location : 

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